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"I had a heart attack at 23 after being diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease at 14"

Meet Sheelah Chua from the Philippines: @hippie_healthnut Sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us ❤

"Having already spent years on medication for my heart problems from the age of 14, then overdoing cardio exercise, it made things worse & a combination of it all led to the cardiac arrest I stopped taking my meds because they no longer helped, they clearly weren't working for me. Then in 2009, for some reason, God showed me the way, while I was searching for a book, I accidentally saw a book on yoga & I went online looking for a class near me in the Philippines The class was led by an instructor rather than the kind of good teachers you find now, there was no guidance...But it made me happy, it made me feel less tired or stressed I was hired as a flight attendant the same year, & all the travelling led me towards self practice, using books The stressful hours, radiation, pressure &  time zone differences, plus poor choices in my self practice, I suffered from more sickness, had diabetes as a complication to my heart disease & was diagnosed with colitis. I never gave up on yoga, because I knew that it was a right choice for me to continue: I just had to make it right. By 2014, with proper diet & good advice from meeting new people more knowledgeable about yoga, I learned a lot: it changed my life I am off the medications for heart disease & I believe yoga has made my life longer & happier. I am challenged everyday with my busy working schedule, but  I know I am safe with yoga Someday I know I am going to qualify to teach yoga, it is a continuous dream & journey: I want help & inspire others.  Do what you love, never lose hope, never give up I do not have much knowledge in yoga, I cannot do all the poses, but I feel happy & proud whenever I am able to. Its not easy, it took me 6 years to do a headstand. Don't look at others on Instagram and compare, it's easier for some than others. It doesn’t matter, Yoga has taught me to never compare. Be happy for them. Be happy for you! Namaste ❤🙏

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