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Meet Abby @heryogi_ sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"When I say 'yoga saved my life', what I really mean was it kept me sane through the many ups and downs you experience in your 20's

Yoga was the constant companion that was always there waiting for me, even when I jumped off the deep end in regards to partying or throughout different tumultuous relationships. Yoga taught me to come home, to myself, to become connected with my body and to truly feel what I was experiencing, whether that be 'enjoyable' or not


Yoga taught me to watch the 'inner cinema' of thoughts, desires and aversions without necessarily attaching to them. It showed me that my inner dialogue could be kinder (it still reminds me of this regularly!)


It taught me the beauty of flow, of being truly in the moment, of meeting your body and your mind exactly where it is on that day. It taught me to be silent with myself and to truly be at peace with my own company


Yoga taught me that you don't just do yoga when you're on the mat, but the wisdom and the real yoga is in the integration of your everyday life


It can be present in every interaction with others, it is the space between action and reaction


I don't remember this all the time, because I am a perfectly imperfect, flawed human but when I do, I remember the all pervading love that we all have access to that yoga has helped unlock within me 🙏

Abby 💚"


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