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Meet @cameronmacinnesyoga sharing his #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are his words💚

"It was my first ever yoga class in my early twenties & the lady next to me, Greta, was 96 years old. I was in bad shape suffering from debilitating back pain amongst a long list of other problems. I looked over at the old lady & thought to myself there is no way I will ever be able to do what Greta can" . . "Years went by with my wise teacher at the time, Elspeth, a Scottish saint of a lady, who was obviously brought to this world to help many people. Little by little my body began to open and I no longer felt like the worst in the class amongst the madams . After completing my master degree in Barcelona, before moving to Jordan to work for the European Union, I decided to go to India to pursue my 500 hour teaching certification in yoga. Goa changed my life forever . There was a certain magic in the air which awakened my spiritual longings. The complete pummelling my physical body took ended up giving me a new-found strength and perseverance. The more esoteric practices opened up some new sensations & rather interesting spiritual experiences. Darkened by the hot Indian sun, filled with inner peace & oozing with energy, I did not like to talk much & could often be found just sitting with my eyes gazing up to the third eye. A scary sight I must have been! . I arrived to Jordan with a sense of excitement but from day one my boss turned out to be rather negative which made work distasteful at times. Maybe she did not like the way I sat in meetings with my eyes up in my head gazing at my third eye! There, I initially taught yoga part time but my community was growing & I realized very quickly that what I really wanted to dedicate myself to was just yoga . So, after only five months, I left the office job to focus on the more important matter of transforming people’s lives through yoga. After many years in Jordan, blessed with helping hundreds of people on their spiritual path, I decided it was time for my next adventure . I am now mostly teaching in Marbella, South Spain. A final thought, I wish Greta was still around to see that I finally caught up with her☺️ .


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