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Meet @helensgrounded sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I was told to do yoga by a therapist on my treatment team in 2012. (Yes I needed a whole team 😂) I was battling a severe eating disorder & they told me I wasn’t allowed to use the gym to torture myself & count calories anymore so why didn’t I try yoga instead? I thought they were crazy, but after bawling my eyes out in savasana after my first class, I realized this was where I needed to be" . "Some people start yoga & lose weight - I was the opposite. I put back on the weight I desperately needed and because of the yoga, I was okay with it. I stopped caring about how my body looked because of how yoga helped my spirit to feel . The more I practiced, the more I realized that outside stuff was bullshit. Being skinny, having money, having all those external things - I realized what a prisoner I’d been & learned to stop just existing in my life, & started being able to live it . I’ve been able to see my true self because of yoga. Not my physical body, but my soul, & I’ve learned to love all of it unconditionally . It’s been 6 years that I’ve been symptom free from my eating disorder. Because of yoga, I’ve learned how to be okay with not being okay all the time. I’ve learned to breath through those uncomfortable moments on my yoga mat, and it’s taught me how to breathe through those uncomfortable moments in life, realizing they are temporary! . . Instead of reacting to circumstances by using unhealthy and self-destructive coping mechanisms, I’ve learned to accept what is, and respond in the way that serves my highest self. Yoga really did save my life 🙏 . . 📸


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