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Meet Kitty @teenytinyyogini sharing her story with us. These are her words 💚

"I have photosensitive epilepsy, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, bipolar disorder, OCD, a history of eating disorders, and other assorted health issues (some still undiagnosed). My health is a constant battle & it fluctuates daily


"I'm 24, married, & I'm a spoonie.Yoga has been an enormous part of my general treatment and recovery


Yoga is NOT a cure for anything and should never be recommended as a cure, but it makes a world of difference in my life along with diet and medication. It won't cure my endometriosis, but it can ease some of the pain and cramping. It won't cure my fibromyalgia, but it can help with my joint and muscle pain and keep me from getting stiff. It wont cure my physical and mental health issues, but it can help me cope and manage my symptoms and it's helping me learn to love my body, to appreciate what it's capable of and what it's been through

. I found yoga at a dark and dangerous time in my life. I had quit dance, I was alone, I was sick, I was suffering emotionally, & I was honestly at the end of my rope. Yoga gave me something to hang on to, something to work towards, something to ground me and keep me there. I won't paint it all sunshine and rainbows, I'm honestly struggling. Life isn't fair, I'm angry, I'm frustrated, I'm sick of being sick, and my relationship with food is less than healthy. But I'm working on it constantly and I'm so excited and thankful to have the opportunity to grow with all of you. 💜💛🙏


If any of these words/phrases/conditions are unfamiliar to you, I implore you to look them up. You're welcome to comment or message me and ask and I'll explain to the best of my ability, or you can click on the hashtag and browse through that, or even just do a Google search. Awareness is important, you probably know at least one person who's life has been touched by one of these conditions. Wishing all of you a beautiful and happy life 💜💛"





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