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Meet yoga teacher sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her word

"Having dealt with Anxiety & depression for as long as I can remember, Yoga found me when I needed it the most

I am a certified bartender and wine sommelier. Having worked for the hotel industry for 3 years, I

never really felt connected to the work I did & although the subject of alcohol & wine is rather interesting and that was what drove me to that field, I couldn’t have felt anymore alien


I’ve had first hand experience with alcoholism as I saw it take control of a loved one. The more

involved I got and as I climbed up the hierarchy to becoming a beverage manager of a restaurant,

the more I felt like I was selling my soul to the devil


I needed something more, something that meant a little more. At work all I did was sell and serve more alcohol, knowing far too well about its ill effects. With that sort of set up and the people I used to be around constantly I used to drink and smoke relentlessly


Having dealt with anxiety and

depression for as long as I can remember, I needed to be doing something that was a little more

giving. When we talk about showing genuine love and making a difference in the world, this was the last place for me to continue working in. I wanted to do something that made a difference, help people, motivate them

. 🙏 Yoga saved my life quite literally. My mental health was all over the place and my mind became my biggest enemy. I would resort to self harm and had suicidal thoughts almost everyday.

When I did my teacher's training course I was forced to accept and make peace with everything that had happened to me in the past and the kind of person I had become because of it. There was no hiding, no running away, anymore


The process was gruelling but soon after I got off my anti depressants and stopped going to my psychiatrist. I didn't need it. I was taught how deal with anything that was thrown at me. I was stronger and teaching the very thing that saved me is the most rewarding thing in the world 💚 Nicole"


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