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"My husband went to work one day, never to return"

Meet @clobellaclobella sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us🙏 Thank you Chloe -Belle ❤ These are her words:

"I was not prepared for that.  Our children were not prepared for it. Grit & determination got me through the first weeks, but I quickly became weighed down by sadness, guilt, & fear.  My family were a great support, but I was now back in a country that I hadn’t lived in for nearly 30 years with 2 young children.  I felt alone

I turned to yoga 🙏

Yoga had been a part of my workout regimen for a while, but I had stuck to the asanas: physical practise.  I had been wary of delving into the esoteric side & traditions of yoga. I wasn't the 'type': had it all together, or so I thought, didn’t need spiritual guidance But now I was broken with nowhere left for me to go As soon as I began to turn inward, embrace elements of the yogic practice that had initially made me uncomfortable, & accept that I wasn’t going to be able to find stillness in the world until I could find it within me, everything started to fall into place. I started to seek Yoga instead of just doing yoga.  Yoga became less about the physical practice, more about how can I BE yoga in my situation & in this world We are but human.  We are fallible.  We are far from perfect.  I am still nowhere near forgiveness or compassion, but I continue to seek it: not only towards those that I feel have wronged me, but towards myself.  I am my biggest detractor Today I have introduced yoga to my children, & they too have embraced it in their own way.  They have learned some basic tools, which has made their transition easier.  It is something that we all do together as a family.  It is another thing that binds us, our own little code I have recently started YTT:  I would like to share this magic.  I've seen what yoga has done for mine and my children’s lives, & I would like to make that accessible to all.  Yoga is not only for beauties on beaches or monks high on mountain tops. It is available to you, to me, to all who seek its therapy, & I hope that everyone has their opportunity to find their yoga Namaste 🙏❤


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