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My name is Steven @live_mindful & this is my #yogasavedmylife story 🙏

"Yoga was instrumental in helping me heal faster & face life after losing my leg in a traumatic motorcycle accident" I’ve been a yoga practitioner since '96 at 18 years old. Initially yoga played a critical role in my ability to deal & cope with the stresses of adolescence & trauma from my childhood . Lost with no direction & out running the streets & up to no good, I was desperately looking for physical, emotional, & spiritual healing. A frequent visitor, one day I came across a yoga book at my local Barnes & Noble (remember those?). An avid reader & curious by nature I was instantly pulled into what I was reading. Too expensive to buy (or at least on a book at that time) for my eighteen year old self, I read that entire book in the store in one sitting . Yoga's therapeutic properties were instantly palpable & helped to ground me both mentally & emotionally. Having overcome the internal trauma and stresses of adolescence my yoga practice morphed into a way of life that not only continued to provide stress reduction, but provided a plethora of physical benefits that extended well beyond my daily practice . Just over 14 years ago I was the victim of a tragic motorcycle accident that nearly took my life & left me as an amputee. I recall lying patiently on the side of the road bloody and bruised with half my leg missing, unsure whether I was going to live or die, but for some reason I felt this inner peace that I had never felt before . Yoga was instrumental in my ability to heal faster and continue on in life . I have never looked at the obstacles placed before me as a barrier that will prohibit my growth. Instead, I have seen them as vital, even necessary, for the development of my character & progression. My drive & resolve to walk again & move forward in life has in many ways become the prevailing undertone behinnd my successes & aspirations . When I’ve needed to recenter, recharge, & refocus myself yoga has always been one of the first things I’ve turned to along with my meditation practice & healthy & consistent doses of nature 💚


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