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NY teacher of yoga Erica Garcia

"After surviving 9/11 my PTSD will be with me for the rest of my life. The sensation of thinking you are going to die that day never really goes away. It may sleep a bit, but is always bubbling right under your skin" .

@ericagarciayogahad practiced before the attack on the World Trade Center, but in the months afterwards, she intensified her practice and teacher training as part of her recovery. Now, she always posts under the hashtag #yogasavedmylife and generously agreed to share her words with us. . "In this picture you see me bridging the gap between Chango charging to war and the peace of Budhha. We all have a silent war that rumbles within. It's how you harness that energy that is powerful.... I lectured yesterday on how to take that force of Tapas (internal fire and purification) to find stillness, to sit with the uncomfortable so that you can find growth and what comes out is the beauty of your own soul. We all have a beautiful , fierce goddess within us. She is beautiful and strong ❤ As we begin to close out the year, we need to sit and reflect. Last night, I was giving a brief lecture on one of the Niyamas- Santosha (Contentment). Santosha basically challenges you to remain in a state of gratitude, which is the opposite of desire or lack. It is in a state of gratitude that we can bring in our blessings, foster growth. We do not need things to be different because our experiences have shaped us. I look at this picture and think... "Girl... You are one Badass! THIS is what it looks like to be 46 years old. THIS is what it looks like to be healthy and curvy. THIS is what it looks like to be a woman who has desire, passion, drive, and is in union of all that she is and embodies... I unapologetically always stand in my truth...THEREFORE I AM YOGA" 🙏 . Photo @robertsturman


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