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There I was, on the couch, feeling lower than low, I had a burn-out when I was only 21 years old

"I had spinal fusion from the age of 12"

Meet @scoliyoga.robin sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"There I was, on the couch,  feeling lower than low, I had a burn-out when I was only 21 years old

Over the years I wanted to do yoga but I was one of those people who said " someday I want to try yoga" without ever really doing anything about it. One day my mother called me to cheer me up & said: why don't you try yoga, you've always wanted to go, so GO!

So I went to the yoga studio, I sat next to the teacher because I was just in time for class, well maybe a little late :) And from the moment I closed my eyes I knew yoga was for me

It felt so good but there was also another issue that was rising up. I couldn't do all the poses, especially forward folds, because of my scoliosis. Over the years it has been (and still is) such a process accepting my disabilities and accepting my body and past

But I learned to adapt. I persisted. I found ways to practice an accessible form of yoga. And as I did, I developed a passion for yoga that led me in 2016 to take a vinyasa teacher training, here in Amsterdam

Because of my disability, I never thought that I could teach yoga, in my mind yoga had to be a certain way. But trough my own experience I know that everyone can do yoga in there own way, & I can teach in my own way

Because of my physical experience, students respond very well to my teaching, they don't feel the need to do every pose "perfectly". And my mission in class is that people try to accept their body, mind and past and heal with yoga. I try to show them that it will be a process .... but that is totally fine!

Yoga saved me when I thought I'd not even be able to practice. I'm determined to show others that anyone can do yoga and make it available to everyone. This year I am developing a yoga workshop with the focus on the back, shoulders and neck, to help everyone with these problem areas. I've suffered with my back, and hopefully I can spread light for others 💚"

With love, Robin Schulz, Scoliyoga Amsterdam .


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