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I can’t say I am free from anxiety disorder, but it doesn’t rule my life anymore, Yoga does

"My life has changed in so many positive ways . I can’t say I am free from anxiety disorder , but  it doesn’t rule my life anymore , Yoga does" . Meet yoga teacher Montserrat Perez Arias @montserrat_yoga_life, these are her words and we're privileged she agreed to share with us:

"How #yogasavedmylife ? I’ve been practicing yoga for some years, but never really getting what yoga really means , of course I felt the benefits of the practice but not quite paying attention to it. At the beginning of last year I fell in a horrible depression, and somewhere around May I just stopped functioning , eating, sleeping: I stopped living , the worst part was the anxiety attacks leaving my room seemed like an impossible thing to do , psychiatrists didn’t help , the meds took me to a whole new level of health issues , obviously got to a point that I had to be hospitalized, the day I left the hospital, a voice inside me was yelling please do something , this is not going to end well so I decided to subscribe myself to a teacher training , I was terrified , not completely sure if I was going to be able to make it and today I am a certified yoga teacher. 🙏 I am so grateful I didn’t let myself down  and everything I learned in these last months will make a life worth fighting for !!! . So always remember you are stronger than you could ever imagine ! There is always a reason to fight ! You don’t have to stay in a dark place ! There is so much love and joy out there ! Seek help ! Love yourself ! Namaste ❤️"


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