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Meet @leannajoanyogaSharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I was introduced to yoga almost 10 years ago when a friend dragged me to a special, three-hour, heated vinyasa class. Towards the end of the class, with my foot shaking in my hand, I was hit with pure joy & began laughing. I knew this was something special" . . "Coming to yoga from a dance background, the physicality was invigorating & came fairly naturally. I focused on a power, inversion-based practice. Three years into practicing, I received my RYT-200 through @tiffanycruikshank @yoga_medicine & taught mainly power classes . Three years later, I got injured. The day the doctor told me I had a full-thickness rotator cuff tear, impingement & a labrum tear, I was in tears. Strength had become my identity & that had been taken from me. The year following my surgery was grueling. I was not only in immense physical pain, but I fell into a deep depression. My strength & power practice was slow to return, & I felt defeated. I was forced to look at my practice in a different light, but I wasn’t ready to. Shortly after, I went through a divorce, herniated a disc in my neck, & spent months trying to survive life. I dove into depression & anxiety. My survival instincts were through alcohol, avoidance & trying to find my worth in men. I felt worthless, tired and lost . During those dark times, I decided to continue my journey with @yoga_medicine in order to work towards my RYT-500. Yoga became something different for me. It suddenly became a place where I could go to be completely myself, not only when I practiced, but when I taught. I felt safe to be me, & I started blossoming into the person that I always was, she was just hidden for a very long time . As time moved, I began to heal. Through therapy & intentionality, I began to heal. Through yoga, I began to heal. Through God’s grace, I began to heal . In a life of uncertainty, yoga has been unwavering. It has molded me into the person I am today. Yoga is a place where not only do I get to come to my mat and be wholly me, but I get to share my heart with others. My life is forever changed, & I am forever grateful 💚"


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