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Meet @namaste_shante sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 🙏

"Growing up as an only child I always struggled with the feelings of being alone. At 14 my mother, who suffered multiple miscarriages, told me she was pregnant. I was excited but also fearful of losing yet again . At 16, my dad started having multiple affairs, leaving me responsible for taking care of my younger sibling while my mom worked multiple jobs to make ends meet" . "During my parents separation & divorce, I became more alone. Having unhealthy & unloving thoughts, sometimes cutting myself. I witnessed physical & verbal abuse & didn't know how to process all while becoming an adult . At 22 my little brother died from a tragic accident & lost all hope. I wanted to die, wishing I could take my mother's pain away, wishing I could stop my own pain. I lost my first love due to my depression & unwillingness to see a brighter future . I turned to my faith that I grew up with, but something was still missing in my physical body. So I went searching for it. I made a few wrong turns first, but then I discovered yoga 🙏 . I've always had a hard time loving myself growing up. I felt like I wasn't being seen. I have dealt with feeling insecure & self conscious causing me to lose control of my thoughts. I went into this depression where I felt so alone, but didn't want to be around the people who loved me either. I kept trying to find love and validation through others . When I found yoga I found a way to love myself 💚 It started to clear my thoughts & made me want to expand & be open to all the possibilities. It allowed me to reconnect to the spiritual side of me as well as getting back to my body & loving myself. Yoga pushed me to ends that I didn't think I was capable of. With some of the poses I was literally able to shift my perspective. I learned to let go of what wasn't serving me . I still have to work through my depression everyday, but yoga helps me through all the sticky stuff that holds me back. I want to share that with those around me. Let go of what you must so that you can grow to love yourself . Thank you for letting me share with you x


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