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This is California Yoga teacher Shireen Kaviani @shireenkaviani

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Protecting ourselves and our hearts from possible rejection and potential failure seems logical when we've been through drama in our lives. The Fierce person looks past that and says I will live boldly, authentically and passionately

About 12 months ago every plan I had fell apart. Everything was perfectly aligned, but then one by one things went in another direction. A big family scare shook us all up and it was during that moment that I realized just how strong I was. That's what yoga has given me, the tools to stare directly at the present situation and not lose my cool. To look bigger and feel so powerful that I can help the people around me feel loved, supported and grounded. . I know the person I was before yoga would have never had the perspective I have today on situations like that when we are confronted with them. . When I got home from the chaos, I did the one thing that I hadn't done in three weeks... yoga. I had to take time off to heal an injury and during that time though I was teaching I was itching deep inside to practice. Itching so bad because I had turned the practice into a drug and when that drug was not available, I started having withdrawals. All sorts of things started to surface. So much surfaced and when yoga wasn't there for me I had a moment of resentment. But yoga should not be my escape, I have to respect my relationship with it just like any other relationship. In the middle of that chaos I was reinspired and reminded that I love ❤️ Yoga . I feel so much. Too much. A blessing and a curse. I'm not one for boundaries, my heart is massive. I know that the boundaries between us are illusions. Having a soft heart is the fiercest thing I have done in my life. . It doesn't make me naive, gullible or impractical. This guides me on my journey. And my journey is part of your journey, and yours part of mine


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