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we have the power to be in control and the ability to transform our lives.

"Yoga became my medicine, my exercise, my spiritual hideaway fighting autoimmune disease, Lupus"

These are the inspirational words of @healinghippsy, sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us (her amazing husband deserves credit too!) My journey with Lupus, continues, has its ups and downs but, my path towards healing is what l am sharing as I feel by talking about my journey,  I motivate myself to keep moving forward, to keep healing and to keep improving and hopefully, to inspire others in similar situations to persevere,  to overcome and know that we have the power to be in control and the ability to transform our lives. 🙏 “Don’t be a statistic, be a story of inspiration” whispered my husband in my ear from day one of my diagnosis "My husband was always telling me to take  up yoga. Eventually I agreed.  My first session was with my husband’s friend (now my best friend ) teacher @basma_saimua . She was the catalyst behind this change in my life and, despite the fact that I only had one session with her and that she’s now halfway across the world, she still remains a major inspiration and positive influence behind me getting better Since then, Yoga has been a life changing experience for me! I made sure to practice at least three times a week, no matter my physical condition or how I feel at that moment My breathing is improving due to the various #Pranayama techniques I learned; my mind is becoming calmer and less turbulent due to my daily meditation; my joint pains are easing by the day and my energy levels are increasing with every session Stop and smell the roses! 💐My husband reminded me last night and it stuck I’ve spent my life focused on my career since the age of 15. It eventually reflected on my mental and physical health. I put my career ahead of everything and everyone before. I only realized the importance of living when it was too late. Well it’s never too late! I am a lupus warrior and I will live my life to the full from now on regardless of my condition. Life has a lot to offer: family, friendships, pets, nature, love, happiness! This is life and this is the life I intend to live!


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