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"Yoga brought me more love & community than I could ever have imagined"

Meet Lea @lealilyyy sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . . "My journey with yoga started a few years ago, and I took about a year before becoming a serious daily practice, at a time when I was going through the worst anxiety I’d ever dealt with and it was beginning to take over my life, my health and even my ability to do normal day to day things . Yoga quite honestly, saved me 🙏 It changed me. It changed my life. And it continues to every single day. It was hard at first, to show up for myself on the mat, to commit to the time it took to practice, to exert physical effort, to be alone in my own head in silence. I wasn’t in a good place and I didn’t think a single thing was going to help, but a 30 day YouTube challenge started to bring me back, and before I knew it, I’d come back to myself, and more than that, I grew into someone I’ve really come to love and only continue to keep growing . Yoga has helped me come to love every inch of my body, of my mind, of my soul, flaws and all. Yoga has taught me to find the beauty and joy in each day. And it has brought me more love and community than I could have ever imagined. This is only the beginning of my practice, but I already have so much to be thankful and grateful for thanks to the practice of yoga . I look forward to learning more about this practice and more about myself! . Radiating all the love I have in my heart, to each of you today. 💛 I cannot describe to you what it means to have you on this journey with me. I’ve met some of the most wonderful souls since starting my IG account. I’ve seen so much light and love, and received even more. My heart is bursting today and everyday with the support, inspiration and passion of this community us yogis have found on instagram. ❤🙏 I hope to share just a fraction of the joy, love and support I have found here. So thank you, for being here, for being you. You are so special, so loved, not just today but every single day. 💛 .


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