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"I suffered through a period of years in my life where I worked very hard at being someone else"

Meet Christin @egeryoga, California vinyasa & Buti yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 🙏 . . "

I wanted so badly to please others, I had become numb to my own unhappiness . Yoga asana practice brought the light back. It gave me the space in my body and mind to hush the freight train that was my life crashing around me Through devoted daily practice, I reached a place where I remembered my value. I was able to drop into a sacred place where I knew change, transformation, & hope were still possible for the future. In depression, hopelessness is the most dangerous opponent. The process of regular practice - the struggle, the fear, the glory of the grind and sweet achievements - re-trains the mind for hope. The raw truth is, instead of continually wishing life away, I decided to become a yoga teacher. With that new direction and purpose, I began to flourish 🙏 Last year, I completed the #yogafitforwarriors training on PTSD and how yoga can heal trauma. This was a life changing training for me. I am a granddaughter of a World War II veteran, & the content in this training really spoke to me. There is so much research and work being done through the Yogafit for Warriors program helping our veterans & their families heal through yoga practice. This training convinced me I'm not crazy for following this yoga thing - it's the real deal 🙏 I enjoy an abundant life now. I am walking talking truth that grace is real. Yoga practice provides the space for me to receive it

📷 Pictured with my Guruji @kinoyoga. ❤️ I am so grateful for the gift this woman has given me in yoga. I could never make it up, only do my very best to pass the gift along 🙏


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