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"I was sexually abused as a child. Today I am a RESILIENT SURVIVOR"

Meet @trishyoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words . . "Tucked away in my brain, I had no recollection of having been sexually molested from the age of 5-18 in the hands of a sibling, until the triggering moment I saw my student, a little girl, wet herself at the sight of her father coming to pick her up from class. I had a panic attack: not knowing what to do to address the situation without causing her trouble . I witnessed a sight I knew so much about yet didn’t realize it until I started teaching Yoga. In the following years on my mat, as I became more in touch & in tune with my body, my breath…the more I uncovered the destruction of my childhood innocence as past trauma, buried deep, came to the surface . There were numerous therapy sessions, EMDR which also assisted in recalling memories that led to ultimately sending “My Abuser” to prison . I was determined to have him enlisted as a registered sex offender in my state. There was no other place than in the safety of my mat that I could have written my Victim Impact Statement that ensured this outcome to happen . Practicing, crying, angry, sad, anxious & fear all gave way to the strength I presented when I read the letter in front of him in court . I remember closing my eyes for a few minutes envisioning that not amongst people who would hear my story but on my beloved mat, in my strong Warrior Poses . That marked the beginning of my healing journey. The years of destroying my body through anorexia, bulimia & substance abuse - and the along with the PTSD, it all surfaced & made sense each and every time I connected my emotions within the postures . In Yoga, I found my voice. The layers of emotions I have allowed myself to feel go beyond the physical aspect. With yoga, I have learned to become still in my feelings & thoughts, to connect with my vulnerability, embrace the past & recognize that it does not define me. As I progress and conquer my fears through the asana, I am no longer afraid, no longer that 5-year-old, no longer hiding, no longer a victim 🙏


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