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Meet Dom @viededom sharing her story with us. These are her beautiful words💚

"This smile doesn’t always come naturally or bloom out of happiness and joy. This smile is sometimes used to keep my weaknesses hidden. To give the illusion that I have it all together, that everything is okay" . "I’ve mastered the art of faking it until I make it but it’s hard and I’m tired. My smile hides the pain, the fear, the insecurities. My mind is a battle field and I’m at war with this unrelenting bastard named depression . I’ve seen too many friends lose the war. I’ve had times where I have considered letting the bastard win . Waving my white flag so it could all end. It’s heavy to carry what feels like 10,000 pounds of soul crushing doubt around . How can you measure up when you can barely stand on your own two feet because this weight keeps kicking out your legs? I’m “strong” so I keep going. I smile and say “I got this” but I don’t. I’ve found my way to keep moving forward to win this fucking war but it takes work every single day. I wish we talked about it more . I wish we could have those deep meaningful conversations with perfect strangers on the street . We are all searching for that connection. To be heard, to be understood. To feel loved and a part of. Looking for someone, anyone to let us know that our life matters. That we don’t have to do this alone . If I ask you how you are I want to know how your heart is, what’s bringing you joy or what’s causing you pain . I want to know how you feel in the morning or the things you tell yourself when you’re alone . I want you to know that I see you and you are important, you are loved and I understand. Because damnit we’ve been created to love, to heal and to connect . Let’s reach out, let’s tear down the walls, remove the stigma that vulnerability is a sign of weakness and embrace that fact that it’s okay to not be okay . You never know the impact a simple gesture can have on someone’s life 🙏 - - - 📸#1 @rossoscarknight #2 @marble_rye #3 @kellytmarie


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