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Meet @jf.wellness sharing his #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are his words 

"As a teen, I struggled with loneliness, social pressure, and heavy anxiety. Even though I was a fortunate kid with a loving family, every day felt like a heavier weight to bear and I couldn't figure out why. I started self-medicating with marijuana and soon panic attacks set in" "Eventually I spoke to a mental health professional who lead me to guided meditations and breathing exercises - which I later realized was the start of my pranayama practice . . I came to see that stress and anxiety are mostly psychosomatic and the panic attacks quickly subsided. As my interest in breathing and meditation deepened, I taught myself some basic yoga postures so I could sit comfortably for longer periods... my life was set on a new course . Yoga saved my life and I've fallen in love with the practice . I decided to quit my 9-5 and dedicate my life to sharing this beautiful practice of movement and mindfulness with as many as I can . I am now a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and holistic wellness coach 🙏 Jared" .


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