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Meet our good friend @andy_nathan_yoga 

"Finding yoga to aid recovery from a long-standing running injury I eventually found a feeling of having come home. A community of people with compassionate values & actions, which seemed so alien to the corporate world I had been living in for a number of years. The subtle potency of yoga, meditation, pranayama & community started to create a paradigm shift where the world appeared differently. Full of hope & magic, rather than fear & sadness as had been before" . . Meet our good friend @andy_nathan_yoga who is joining us in person for a special event @theyogashed this Saturday, where he'll be sharing more of his story; where we'll share food, a film and will be led through mantra meditation - a kirtan - to celebrate & bond with the community we've created together - all in aid of @ourmala It's a shame you can't all be there with us! Here's more of Andy, in his own words, and why mantra matters 💚 . "During this period there was a miraculous escape from a life-threatening car crash which led to 3 months off work, a herniated cervical disc & a deep depression. This also led me to realise first had that when you get a 2nd chance, life has much more to offer . To cut a long story short, moving beyond panic attacks, depression & anxiety, surviving the effects of PTSD to a life of ‘rich’ experiences to inspire & connect, teaching from a place of authenticity, compassion & humour, I lead classes which offer students the opportunity to go on their own journey of self discovery . A key practice that started to create hope, self confidence & purpose was mantra meditation. A practice that led me to overcome my biggest fear - singing in public. And that’s what I do now! But it wasn’t love at first Om. It took many months to be comfortable in classes & workshops that featured spirituality & chanting - which at first felt weird & uncomfortable . Mantra meditation is not only a means of self-soothing, it also helps open our voice and allow energy to be drawn from our pelvic floor muscles (Muladhara Chakra) up to our throat (Vishuddha Chakra) - which is said to be where we find congruence - our ability to speak our truth, say what we mean & mean what we say "🙏 .


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