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Meet @robynchilders sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I woke up from a coma 15 years ago today. I’d been lying in an ICU for 4 days on a ventilator, nearly lifeless, after an intentional drug overdose, meant to end my life—when suddenly, to my and everyone else’s surprise, I woke up. WIDE AWAKE. My first thoughts were pretty awful. I was consumed with anger, fear & mind-crippling confusion. And the pain I’d been desperately trying to escape seemed more powerful than ever" . "In fact, for the 1st year that followed this incident, most of my thoughts & feelings weren’t positive. Not even close. I was just trying to survive myself long enough to come into some deeper healing, and most days, wasn’t even sure I really wanted to make it. It would be a very long road. Treatment. Meetings. New associations. New behaviors. New everything. At times, I felt dizzying bewilderment . . No matter how hard it got, though, there was one persistent thought that kept me hanging in there. One idea that resonated as unshakeable truth: Maybe I was here to do something . Despite my greatest attempts to die, somehow I managed to survive this horrific experience. Doctors said they had no explanation—that, medically speaking, my survival didn’t make sense. So, what if, maybe, just maybe, there was something more for me to do here? . This curiosity began to fan the flames of my recovery. And still does to this day. I found yoga and very slowly began to develop a practice 🙏 . Yoga has truly saved me from myself. Through the practices of yoga & mediation, I’m no longer a prisoner to my doubts, fears, cravings & aversions . One day, one breath at a time, I’ve been able to learn from my mistakes, make amends and BEGIN AGAIN. As I stood in sacred space this morning, remembering my awakening from death’s grip, I’ve never felt more grateful to be here, alive and free, living my purpose and sharing this healing with others. My prayer is “Thank you.” 🙏 . “If you have not left this world yet, then there is more for you to do. Make amends, forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes. And then begin again" @maxstromofficial (Quote) . 📸@jacoblewkowphoto


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