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Meet @yogata_stay_mindful sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 🙏

"Less than a year ago, I was at the lowest of any low I had ever been in. Working towards my Master’s while stuck in a spiral of denial and self-hate, I let myself get lost in the manipulative world of another" . "He chipped away at everything from my trust to myself respect until all that was left was a burning out flame that was gasping for oxygen. It took him crossing a physical boundary for me to take the gasp of air I so desperately needed . I remember waking up the first morning without him next to me. I felt so free knowing I had a future to make my own, but everything I had been working for didn’t matter because I couldn’t live feeling as empty as I did. I was at the bottom of a hole and I didn’t know what to do to help myself . I was watching everything slip through my fingers when a friend invited me to a yoga class with her. My yoga practice started before my journey really began. I had found yoga for a brief period during high school but it served a different purpose in that time compared to now . My insides felt as cold as the crisp January air when I walked into my yoga studio for the first time. As I laid on my mat, after my first savasana, I felt the spark come back . All I wanted to do was be on my mat and I knew I couldn’t do that with the ineffective behaviors that had made their way back into my life. I wanted to be more than the anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach, more than the tears of hopelessness, more than the voice of the eating disorder that echoed through my mind . The fire within me now burns as fiercely as the heat that fills my yoga studio. Hot power yoga has made me take responsibility for myself and has fostered my desire to make changes. I have become someone who struggles but stays strong I those moments. Someone who has filled enough of her cup to finally be able to help fill the cup of others . Yoga saved my life because it reignited the fire that had been lost for so long. #yogachangedmylife because it challenged me to find my truest self both on and off my mat 🙏 .


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