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"Some days I feel amazing in my body, some days inadequate.

Meet Yoga teacher Maud Leger @maudleger sharing her #yogasavedmylife  story with us 🙏

"So many of you suffer/have suffered from some kind of body image struggles; some form of unhealthy relationship with food & exercising - so called Eating Disorder. A big shameful name, but, you aren't alone! Shame & fear are feeding the unhealthy habits, trapping you in a negative cycle, the degrading narrative in your mind I have come a long way since my years of binge vs. dieting, over-exercising, punishing my body cause my butt wouldn't fit in size 6 jeans. My symptoms where body dysmorphia, violent binge-eating episodes, depression, anxiety -  governed by self-hate No one had seen - not even those closest to me, how destructive I was toward myself. Yes, I could still smile. But, inside, I was dying I thought I wasn’t capable, I wasn’t enough, I wasn’t beautiful… Today, I feel empowered. Yoga, Ayurveda, Transcendental Meditation, Therapy and Love saved me. I was a young intern at the prestigious Cartier Foundation of the Arts in Paris when I practiced my first yoga class:  90 minutes of rigorous Iyengar pracice on my lunch break. It took a while, repeatedly going back, then one day... I got yoga  when I was fully immersed in my practice, when I was in my body, there was something that felt really good and expansive. In the intensity of yoga asana, I felt peace and in the soothing moments,  engaged and alive I tailored my own holistic healing plan. I conjointly started psychotherapy together with Ayurvedic nutritive and life-style advices and Yoga I then added the last layer - I learned Transcendental Meditation (with Steve Griffith). From the first meditation, I experienced my purest Self, & I wanted to hold on to that. It felt precious. I learned to love myself, respect myself, without judgement: to feel & be all of me, at all times. And celebrate that I am endlessly grateful for this holistic practice, now my way of life, and I am committed to share it. If you need help, write me! No shame ❤"


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