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"I defined myself as BPD, bulimic and overweight. Not any more"

Meet Jessica @mybeautifull_dreams sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤ . . "My name is jessica & yoga saved my life. I found some free yoga classes on youtube a couple of years ago. At first I was participating in yoga for the "weightloss" benefits but what I discovered was so much better . . About 4 months in I started to feel better about myself. I was more confident and happy on the inside. I was no longer purging my food because I was no longer binge eating....yet I was still losing weight and my body was becoming stronger each day . . The first time I cried on the mat was probably when I actually realized yoga is so much more then just the asanas. I felt this deep emotion connecting me to everything and I knew in that moment I could forgive myself and move on. It changed my life. I knew then I am enough. . . Anyone who knows a BPD person knows that emotional outburst are "normal" but this was different...I was still in control of my thoughts but they were freeing at the same time . Today I practise yoga daily. My day isn't complete with out a good morning flow. It helps me with my mood swings (which are practically non existent now) anxiety, depression and of course binge eating . I can honestly say: Yoga save my life. . . I have finally launched my store and push passed the fear. All thanks to yoga for helping me deal with the anxiety of daily living I used to so often experience 💚 .


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