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Meet sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us 💚

"I moved from Brazil to London, in 1997 to take a PhD in Architecture. Being in a foreign country & starting work in my field brought happiness but also insomnia & anxiety" . . "In 2000 I began work in an architectural practice in London: my dream job, at the top end of the market, but the pressure was making its way from the office to home. I thought I was happy, but always anxious: sleeping less & less, exhausted. I felt I needed more than the prestige, money . I decided to try yoga. I had no idea this was going to change my life forever. I started attending Hatha Yoga classes & after a few, I went to an Ashtanga Shala. I didn't´t know what Ashtanga Vinyasa was! . I had no idea why the students were breathing loudly, what the teacher was counting in Sanskrit. This practice was like a dance, a strong, graceful, & powerful dance. My body, mind & my soul were taken. I was finding my way home . I started to practice twice a week at the shala & constantly at home . I used to bomb my teacher with questions & questions after classes until one day she asked, “Andrea, why don’t you do teacher training?” . I looked at her wide-eyed. “Me?? I am an architect. I have my career. “ She replied, “But are you happy, Andrea?” This question hit me hard! . Should I let it go? I worked full time as an architect while I attended YTT. During this period, yoga changed & saved me, many times . I overcame through my yoga & meditation, two miscarriages, the loss of my father in a very tragic car accident, & many other childhood traumas . Through these phases, I could feel through my yoga the sorrow dissipating, giving me resilience. I was becoming aware of feelings I hadnt experienced before or knew how to deal with . I was learning to let go of old sadness, fears. Often my old anxiety & restlessness would haunt me. One day I woke up & it was clear. I wanted to teach yoga. I wanted to be able to make Yoga & meditation happen in other people lives. It was as if everything in my life before brought me to this point of fulfillment & happiness. No more doubts. Everything had finally fallen into place 💚 Andrea .


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