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Meet @finlay0901 The Kilted Yogi. These are his words 💚

"I tried to kill myself when I was 18... My path eventually led me to yoga. Yoga didn’t fix anything. But, it has given me tools" . "It’s #worldmentalhealthday & this is a subject close to my heart . Both my brother & I have spoken publicly about our struggles with mental health. We speak about it as an ongoing thing that we experience every day. It isn’t finished, & it probably won’t be finished . I tried to kill myself when I was 18. I had been in a secret same-sex relationship & when that ended, I got thrown back into the closet but it felt like a prison. I get like a liar. I could see all the faces I lied to and my faith was tearing me to pieces. Obviously I didn’t go through with it . But, I did start exercising for the first time ever doing Aikido at St Andrews & bumbling through the gym. My path eventually led me to yoga . Yoga didn’t fix anything. But, it has given me tools. Something that would have thrown me off of the precipice in the past now just stirs a little. The dark depths of my moods are less extreme . The whispers are still there. It’s like a demon behind me waiting for me to be in pain enough, exhausted enough, or beaten down enough. It’s a seductive siren song . To any of you struggling, if you fee you want to comment, I am taking the time to reply to everyone today. Writing down ones story can radically shift the perception of it . Evidence suggests that talking about suicide in particular doesn’t give the person ideas but can stall the process . So, let’s talk. Comment or send me a DM . You can also search for services in your area like @samaritanscharity in the U.K. I’ll be posting links in my stories today for other resources . #suicide #suicideprevention #itsgoodtotalk #youarenotalone #mentalhealthisimportant #yogi #yogastory #menofyoga #yogamen #yogalove


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