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Meet @jennifer_emperador sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"Diagnosed with C-PTSD, anxiety & depression; I needed to find a way to help me make sense of my world" . "Yoga wasn't for me. Not at first anyways… . . It was through the breath that I began my journey. I had left another abusive relationship & as I was guzzling down my second bottle of wine I dropped to my knees praying for something better . With all that I had experienced as a child and through most of my life, having faith in something greater than myself was obsolete. But being at my lowest point in my life once again I figured I give it a shot. So the next day I sat on my couch, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Consciously taking that first breath was exhilarating and when I closed my eyes I connected to something so profound, something I hadn’t ever experienced . Two years later I stepped into the world of yoga. Being diagnosed with C-PTSD, anxiety and depression (many years previously) I needed to find a way to help me make sense of my world. My friends suggested yoga and after several attempts I finally understood why I needed yoga in my life. My broken spirit needed a place to call home; and in the sacred silence of being, my home was my body. It needed to know it was safe, that it was worthy and that it was loved . Yoga Saved My Life It brought me the gift of my life back. Meditation was the initial gateway for my healing and my Asana practice was the foundation for integration . . I’m learning that it’s okay to take up all the space I need & to remember that our bodies and minds share memories of all our experiences. The journey is about embracing my wholeness and remembering that I am not what happened to me 💚 .


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