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Meet Melbourne yogini CJ sharing her story with us, showing how helping others starts with ourselves

"Sometimes as a Nurse & Paramedic I get home after a long shift, & if there's been a patient death or something, it gets to you. When I'm at my most lost, the only thing that can stop me thinking, is yoga" "My yoga journey started when I was lifeguarding. I had a free gym membership but most of the Gym classes intimidating or that you were judged more. Less able to adapt to any level. I went to a few when I could manage and always (then) wished I could do it all the time. It did take a while for me to get the knowledge base, learn what I needed to do do adapt every work out to what my body needed. The more I did it, the more closely I became in tune with my body. I felt like it was showing me where there were aches and strains, and yoga showed me how to control it . . I saw Physios, chiros & osteos through my childhood & adolescence but one guy really connected with me. He was also a yoga instructor. He told me that with my back I was going to have to work every day to keep it healthy. It took me a month of serious pain for me to take it more seriously. Yoga is perfect. You can do it anywhere. Of any ability. After doing it more regularly I literally couldn't believe the way my body responded. I had struggled with chronic back pain and headaches for 10yrs . . And all of a sudden, with no medications I was pain free. I was no longer restricted from pain. My abilities changed. My body changed. But most importantly my mind changed . . Every yoga journey is personal. The focus of my energy on health is so important. I encourage and promote healthy living every day for my patients, but I find one of the most important journeys lies with myself . . How could I help others if I cannot help me? I asked myself this question years ago & have become dedicated to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Only then can I push from a true place of honnesty to encourage a happier and healthier community. Only I can truely wholy control my body and what happens to it . . Yoga changed my life. It made me choose health ❤


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