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This is the amazing @futuresomething_yogi who agreed to share her #yogasavedmylife story

"I'd always wanted to start yoga but I would always let my anxiety and fear get the best of me in life." This is the amazing @futuresomething_yogi who agreed to share her #yogasavedmylife story with us because she wanted to help others who might be feeling the way she used to, before she discovered #yoga. Self taught, she's undergone a wonderful transformation: " I began my yoga journey a little over a year ago. Back in 2016 I was involved in a car accident and I was injured terribly. Throughout the healing process I gained an enormous amount of weight, spent a lot of money I didn't have, I literally HATED EVERYTHING in 2016. I fell into  depression, never smiled not because of being in a car accident but because things that year went from bad to worse and everything was out of my control. I would cry everyday and want to take my own life because I never wanted to deal with whatever would happen next. I didn't know what my purpose for living was.  Ever since I started my yoga journey in  2016, I've made a lot of life changes. Happiness is always a priority even when something is going wrong, I still feel somewhat in control of my life. It's an amazing feeling to have a different outlook on life NO matter what situation I'm in because yoga is my life balance and definitely saved my life. . Yoga helps clear my mind and makes my body feel brand new, keeping my thoughts positive. . Everyone is looking for something to believe" ❤ #iammagic #namaste 🙏


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