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As an adolescent, I was diagnosed and medicated for depression

"I sit in Lima, Peru as I write this, still pinching myself every day at how miraculous my life is. You see, yoga and my yoga community has saved my life several times" . . Meet the wonderful Taryn Raine @theremoteyogi sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words ❤ . . As an adolescent, I was diagnosed and medicated for depression. I spent my teenage years self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, becoming a fragment of who I wanted to be and not having much hope for a bright future . . In college, I stumbled my way into a yoga class at the local gym. I stepped into the wrong class, but I was too embarrassed to leave, so I stuck it out. I walked out of class completely shocked that I could not think about anything other than my breath and body the entire class. It cured my incessant thoughts and overwhelming anxiety. I was hooked and I knew I would teach one day! (And I got off meds and self-medicating the wrong way) . . I got married pretty young and shortly after I signed up for yoga teacher training. It was the best decision I ever could have made because little did I know, I found the community of people who were going to hold my hand through my miserable marriage and much needed divorce . . My students were the biggest miracle during my divorce because they were the reason I got out of bed and on my damn mat. I would force the courage to fake a smile and lead a class until I was actually smiling, feeling their warmth and support. Slowly, I built a community of powerful women around me going through similar scenarios. We would work out our problems on our mats and toast our successes after class . . I am now the best version of who I am. Yoga and my community has taught me to stop playing small and chase my dreams. I have sold all my belonging and now travel full time, continuing to share yoga on the road and am working to build a community online. Yoga was my miracle! . Namaste , Taryn 🙏❤ . 📷


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