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Do something to stay connected & present to your breathe

"If anyone is feeling alone, isolated or in despair. Don't give up. Get help & support, do something to stay connected & present to your breathe" 🙏

This is @ellaisakovyoga, Yoga teacher in Canada who very kindly agreed to share her words with us when we reached out to her to support the #yogasavedmylife project. These are her words ❤ "10 years ago this week I returned from 11 years living overseas (4 different countries). A slew of emotions rise up as I reflect on this decade. Anyone that's returned home from expat life would understand how it feels to come back, with experiences that go deeper than a photo can express. 📿 Resettling back didn't go smoothly & led me to losing everything. Within 3 years of returning, I switched careers, left a toxic relationship that left me in debt, dealing with a health concern & struggling financially. This led me down a dark hole to depression. Thank god for my yoga practice 💗, but I needed more. I surrendered to getting help...I'm not one to give up. I'm a fighter. Life is worth fighting for. Crawling out of the darkness wasn't easy, I even lost a few friends. But moving through this time has led me to be healthier & more sound in mind, with a life beyond my dreams.🙏 If anyone would have told me then that I was going to be a yoga teacher, helping people along their healing journeys, and meet a soulful human that would be by my side encouraging me to grow & shine as he showers me with love along the way, I would have laughed and said "you are crazy!!". Maybe it's all I've gone through to get here, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't reflect on my life and all there is to be grateful for. If you're struggling, seek help dig deep for courage that's already there within you to step up and take action. I had the FIERCE warrior within me working overtime for years, fighting for what I could change, and in a lot of ways it served me to help me survive & get to where I am today. What I was lacking was connection to my CALM inner yogi, accepting & embracing what I cannot change. Discerning the difference is what we breathe into and explore on the mat" 🙏


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