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Meet @_exploits.of.a.yogi_ sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I discovered yoga about 5 years ago when I was pretty deep in addiction & my Mother had just passed away, It was something that made me feel good which was a rarity back then but would go strong at it for a couple days or weeks then fall back into my same old routine of drugs, alcohol & self sabotage" . . "I wanted so badly to break free of the lifestyle of pain & misery I was living in & every time I went to a yoga class I felt totally free for a short period of time . I went to treatment in 2016 & was able to maintain some clean time. However, after sometime, again I fell back into my old ways. It wasn't until March of 2018 when I discovered the Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island & did my Yoga teacher training that I finally was able to find a happiness I had never experienced before . For 28 days I was in my element & loving life and while there discovered a program of selfless service to commit to 90 days of life as Karma Yogi which I vowed I would return to do. Unfortunately I once again was not able to maintain my sobriety & spent the next 6 months destroying myself & those I loved around me . I knew what I had to do & that was change absolutely everything about my life so that what I did...I returned to the ashram where I spent 6 months immersed in the Residential Karma Yoga Program & never looked back. I began to teach at the Ashram which was huge as I had a huge fear of public speaking & once my 6 months came to an end I knew I had to keep moving forward... I found a beautiful Yoga Retreat centre in Costa Rica called @casanautika where a whole new life began & what a life it has become . That was 5 months ago & so much healing & transformation has happened . I am so grateful every morning I wake up to have been given this second chance at life 🌄 . I am coming up on 1 year now & feel as though I am living an entirely different lifetime & so in awe of what life has to offer if you just open your mind, body and soul in full surrender 🙏 . Robyn 💚 .


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