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Meet @bondiyogi sharing his #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are his words 💚

"I was left in a coma following a serious head injury"


"When I woke from the coma, I was suffering amnesia & I still have no memory of those months All I know, is that I woke up one day in an intensive care ward of a brain injury hospital. I felt like I had woken from a nightmare to realise the nightmare was real & at the same time I had never felt more thankful to be alive .

When I was released from hospital to home care I was suffering brain trauma resulting in memory loss & cognitive disabilities. After 6 more months of sleeping 20 hours a day my brain healed & my mental functions started to return along with my energy. I was able to start living a more active life & going for walks, however as I started being more mobile I noticed pain in my back & hips from walking & sitting for any length of time .

It was at this point after trying different doctors and health practitioners to no avail that I started practicing yoga with one of BKS Iyengar’s principle teachers in Australia. With regular practice I rebuilt the strength in my body, & along the way I discovered the power of the breath & the calming of the mind & my recovery transcended just the physical & my spirit was awakened .

Thanks to yoga I now felt like I had never felt before in my life, like anything was possible .

Yoga was there for me to discover in a time of my life when I thought I was indestructible, & the world showed me otherwise. It taught me how to be calmer & channel my energy in more constructive ways that help not just myself but others around me. Yoga makes me a humbler, more understanding, better person .

For me yoga is the place where I can see clearly & catch my automatic reactions before they surface & react with love & compassion .

I now teach yoga to adults children of all ages & capabilities & try to create a space for people to connect to themselves & come back to what's important to them. Through the breath, movement, meditation, I show others how yoga can help you shine bright & be the best version of yourself 🙏 Nigel"


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