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Meet @dawnmrivers sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"I started practicing yoga in the basement of my old house when I was 29. I found some Rodney Yee VHS tapes at the library, thus starting my long but eventual healing journey"


"My life was depressing & we were striving hard to be happy, make ends meet, & raise a family. I didn’t know anything about the power of untapped energy in the body, the healing capacity of rest, or how breathing can activate so much change when harnessed. What I found from practicing yoga was relief & a desire for connection. My body grew stronger, headaches went away, back pain minimized, and my confidence grew.

The mat became a place I could use as a hideout to put my restless mind on the back burner for an hour or two.

Eventually, I found a yoga community and after about 10 years of practice, I knew I had to become a yoga teacher. This need was urgent and I wanted to share yoga with as many people as I could.

I cleaned the bathrooms & the studio after each class so I could take classes for free, and the studio became a home - and I realized that the community of yogis was what I needed. did not happen quickly. It came at the expense of toxic relationships, as I blossomed and grew in confidence

During my 200-hour TT, we were asked to write down our 5 year goals. I wrote that my dream was to open a yoga studio where guests would have a true yoga “experience”. One that incorporated my spiritual path, & made all feel welcome, helping sheepish (like I was at the beginning of my journey) newcomers feel comfortable. I went on to pursue a 300-hour training with @spirituallyfly & Yoga Nidra training with @tracee_stanley . A dream come true


In August 2018, exactly 5 years after I wrote my dream down on paper in TT, I signed a lease for Daybreak Yoga studio in Bedford, Ohio. Yoga & Jesus saved my life. And because of the work I have done in the community, I believe the power of the collective can make things better for all & my motto is Together We Can All Win!

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