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Meet @mollychansonSharing her #yogasavedmylife story. These are her words 💚

"One day, as I looked around at the toys on the floor & the empty wine bottles in the bin, I thought, “Is this my life? Is this what I wanted?” My husband was away on yet another business trip & I suspected he was having an affair. Each night, after I tucked my young boys into bed, I wandered around the house with a drink in hand, obsessively searching for evidence that he was cheating: so I could stop feeling crazy" . "My yoga journey began when I was 15. My mom taught me in our living room after school. By 18, I had my heart set on becoming a yoga teacher . . I am 40 now, & just completed my 200 hour teaching training at @kripalucenter in Massachusetts. It took me 25 years & a lot of pain to finally go after my dream. A straight “A” student, I was encouraged (and expected) to go to college & choose a career. Yoga as a profession was dismissed by my parents & friends, & I listened to others rather than my own heart. After college I got a job, married had babies, & my yoga practice went to the bottom of the heap . I found the emails to my husband from his lover a year after I had started doing yoga again & 6 months after I quit drinking. Thank God, Buddha, or the Universe that I was practicing yoga & sober when I found proof. Anything already broken within me shattered wide open . Thanks to yoga I no longer needed a drink in my hand to deal with life. Though it was terribly painful to see my marriage crumble into dust, I knew I was stronger physically, mentally. I knew I was enough. I knew I was strong enough to stay sober, & get through my divorce . . Yoga helped me stay with the pain instead of reaching for an escape. Yoga taught me to stay & feel so I would eventually be able to let go. Yoga taught me to treat myself with compassion; that I am worth saving, worth healing. Doing YTT at 40, the timing was perfect: yoga was with me in the living room when I was 15, & with me through addiction & divorce. Yoga is a journey, not a destination There is only returning to the practice, again & again, & witnessing where it will take us 🙏 Molly .


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