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Meet @yogigasy sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"While undergoing a treatment in reflexology aiming to cure several health issues such as anemia, pancreas problem, thyroid, heart disease - painful treatment of 20 days non-stop - I stumbled across yoga just over two years ago

The treatment was so painful that I struggled to walk, to move and even to sleep... So I came up with the idea of doing some exercises to relieve my pain being completely focused on my body while I realized that I was actually doing yoga


I was already on a spiritual path at that time because one year before I was experiencing a real inner transformation resulting from a depression that lasted 3 years.

I always wanted to do yoga but unfortunately I was told not to do it because it's bad without knowing the reasons


Now I am convinced that it was the right moment. All I know is it was in me since my childhood but I could not figure it out yet, I had to go through all these rock bottoms... And finally I found myself


Since that day, I practice yoga daily and it literally saved me. Yoga not only fulfilled me as a soul but also healed my body


I know it may sound cliche and a little too dramatic for those who cannot relate but I am proud to say that yoga has saved my life" 💚


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