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"The loss of my hair was a huge opportunity to practice self-love & acceptance"

Meet @leeannelliott sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . "Over the years, I’ve used yoga as a practice to help find healing in many areas of my life, including the overcoming my drug addiction at the age of 20, newly sober I discovered my first yoga class, it’s been a journey of connection, self-realization and mindfulness, I journey I am so grateful for! . . As I reflect on life, what is, what was & what will be, there’s always felt like an abundance of things to hate about myself from the youngest age: I’m too tall, too curvy, too direct, too much, not enough, the list goes on... I can continue to fall victim to these ideas & feed that list, disconnecting myself more & more from my truth . The reality is that there is SO much more right about me, than wrong, I’ve programmed myself to believe these crazy stories I tell myself. There is perfection in imperfection . Yoga has given me the ability to pause, to observe, to let go of the old stories that keep me stuck, so that I may slowly move towards healing . Losing my hair was a huge opportunity to practice acceptance. It’s been a long & hard journey towards being comfortable with myself as I am, towards even celebrating how I look, but little by little, I’ve learned self love through the practice of yoga, slowly but surely, I am regaining lost connections with self, growing new ones. And as the spiritual connection grows, so does the external, I am beyond blessed to move past all my old fears, connect with self on a deeper level and to others around me, I can see how my experiences can be used to help others, and it seems even my body is celebrating, a couple hairs are coming back, hopefully, in its own time, all will return, regardless, I’m grateful for the wisdom this experience has given, the allowing others to walk through this with me, to hold space, to love me deeper than what I thought I deserved 💚 Lee-Anne "


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