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"The night when Greta was born was the most wonderful & horrible night of my life"

Meet Katrin @mrs.happykat sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words❤ . . "A few years back a friend took me to my first Yoga class during our time together at University. This was the beginning of a wonderful love story . I have been practicing Yoga more or less frequently since & it has always been my constant companion though. I love the combination of physical exercise & the way Yoga always frees & calms my mind & thoughts . My daughter had to be delivered four weeks early, as she stopped growing & was very weak. We already knew that she would be born with a bilateral cleft lip & palate. But the fact that she was so tiny & weak scared the Doctors & we were told that she could suffer from a major disease or even die . The night of her birth was both terrible & wonderful as I wasn’t allowed to see her after my C-section & didn’t know whether my child would live . But Greta fought, she fought her way into this life and after seven long weeks at intensive care, we could finally take her home! . These days our daily life consists in a large part of doctoral appointments, therapy sessions & three major surgeries during the first two years. But Greta is alive & despite her rough start into life and all the difficulties and obstacles a very happy and joyful kid . I got back on my mat about 5 months after giving birth & it helped me so much to overcome my traumatic birth and the difficult and hard times we have been through since. Of course there were & there are times when I’m struggling and my worries about Greta seem to take possession of my mind and soul, but then I roll out my mat and my strength & positive energy are always coming back . Yoga helped me so much to get through my somewhat difficult pregnancy relaxed, fit and healthy & to recover from my C-section very quickly . Without Yoga I definitely wouldn’t be the strong & focused, positive and relaxed mother I am and I guess I also wouldn’t be able to accompany and support my daughter on her journey the way I am right now . . I’m so thankful and I can definitely say: Yoga saved & saves my life!


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