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This is yoga teacher @lukegraeber

"This practice sharpens my self awareness which allows me to turn this attention deeper into the layers of myself past the physical form like mind, emotions and even deeper." 🙏 This is  yoga teacher @lukegraeber who responded to our request for a #yogasavedmylife story and was eager to share with us. These are his words ❤ . "There are many benefits the practice provides from a gross physical level to a subtle energetic level. For me the greatest gift the practice has provided is the gift of self knowledge. My intention every time I get on the mat is to know myself deeper. Physical self knowledge is so powerful because everything that we experience happens within our physical form. I participate in the journey of self knowledge by feeling my skin stretch, feeling my muscles lengthen, feeling my heart beating, feeling the rhythm of the lungs and feeling the awakening of energy in my muscles as a bring life into them. . I love observing the interplay between 2 different parts of myself, even though I know that ultimately they are the same. Like how my mind reacts when my body is pushed in the practice or the relationship between my breathing and my heart beating. Thank you to all the teachers that continuously create the space for Yogis to discover themselves all over the world 🌎" . Photo @cesarvzz89 Wearing @werkshop


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