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Yoga means more to me than I can ever really explain

"Yoga means more to me than I can ever really explain: it's my escape, a place where all my troubles melt away and I can lose myself, it’s also a way for me to be creative." 🙏 Meet the wonderful Laina Lovegrove @laina_lovegrove_yoga teacher & personal trainer from Essex UK. She's sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us in the hope we can inspire others. ❤ This is her story. 🙏 " The first time I ever stepped on a yoga mat, my teacher told me to just keep an open mind, and try my best. When I started 10 years ago, I couldn’t even touch my toes, I wasn’t even close or hold a downward facing dog with out shaking. It takes hard work and commitment,  but 10 years on and now I am the Yoga teacher. . When I first started yoga all those years ago, I was made redundant from the advertising industry. Yoga gave me a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. I practiced yoga while I was pregnant up until the day I gave birth, did my yoga breathing through labour and didn’t need or have any pain relief, I believe I could do it without any medicated drugs and so did, and as a result gave birth to a healthy, alert little girl. . Once I had my daughter I decided I wanted a better life for myself and us and I didn’t go back to an office job, I retrained as a personal trainer and then a yoga teacher. . Sadly when my marriage broke down, I found that yoga again was my escape route and made me continue to believe in myself. Not only did it physically make me stronger but mentally stronger too. For me yoga isn’t about the perfect pose, it’s about the journey and the fun you have along the way." 🙏


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