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"Yoga Set Me Free from self-hate & gave me a forever home"

Meet @this_isnancy sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚 . . "I guess I'm what you call a recovering fake happy/pleasure seeking addict. An overall abuser of anything that brings superficial joy. Food, sex, alcohol, drugs . Addicted to validation & Love from anything outside my being. Eventually, things reached a Breaking Point . Being *Sober* felt like constant hate/rage. While *intoxication* was like a stick of dynamite. Sometimes not knowing how far I may go. Feeling hostage to my life & my mind, like I had no control, no choice. I was either manipulative about getting what I wanted or so deeply miserable that I couldn't wait to start numbing that out with external relief . Self shame from SELF! It was so hard to be with ME! :( . Then <surprise!> pregnant with my third child. Yoga was the first glimpse into self-sustaining my own happiness . I knew it was yoga that was going to be the path to finding my peace. I was not willing to feel like "that" anymore. I'd rather *Go-, otherwise. I wasn't sure what that meant for my "non yoga body" but my heart and insides knew yoga was the way for me . Yoga Set Me Free from that self-hate introduced me to self love. Connecting me to an understanding of radical self-acceptance and reaching for unconditional self love every day . Ultimately, Yoga reunited me with my intuition which allowed for my own personal & spiritual realization. I never have to look outside for love again. And for that I believe Yoga saved my life 🙏 .


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