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" I was in a dark place, depression hit me like a train"

" I was in a dark place, depression hit me like a train, for the second time, & I thought I just won't get out of this one" . Meet Winnie @wimanuco host of our #FIERCECALM108 on June 23 in Tulum @shaktiyoga_tulum in aid of @borne - leading research into causes of premature birth. This is her #yogasavedmylife story❤ . . "My husband & I have been trying to conceive. Unfortunately, impossible naturally due to my Endometriosis. We searched then for the scientific way, we went through 3 rounds of IVF. The first round was successful in someway… first positive, then negative, then positive again: finally negative . . It was a roller coaster of feelings, questions, & I didn’t understand, I didn’t know how to cope...but I still had a bit of strength, “ hope, we went for the second round 2 months later . . The same outcome: that’s where I fell in this terrible hole, depression, darkness & sadness. Crying was my everyday motto. Everywhere I saw a baby, a pregnant woman, I would just start crying. I didn’t want to go out, not to see anyone, just blindfold my eyes and cry. I was stuck in this state, but I knew it . . I needed something to calm my emotions, to clear my mind & help me go through the days not questioning, not suffering, just wishing to clear everything like an eraser. I started meditating, & slowly doing some flows… just Yoga . . My mind started clearing, my body started feeling better, I could sleep at night, & my soul was in peace. I was in peace🙏 . . I felt energized, of course, I would still get sad when I remembered, but just continued. We tried again. It ended badly . . But this time it wasn’t so hard. The sadness was there, the horrible feeling of not being able to conceive, the emptiness, the questions. I guess its all normal. But this time I had the strength to channel it. I didn’t spend months crying, or feeling guilty. I practiced my yoga like always, & keep on doing it . . Yoga has been & will always be my therapist 🙏 Yoga saved my life" . . Help us support @wimanuco and our ambassador @yoga_girl_london 's chosen charity @borne by joining our global Fiercecalm108 on June 23 wherever you are in the world. Details on website, in bio 🌍


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