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Meet Melody @thelivingsong sharing her story with us.These are her words ❤

"Sexual Assault, domestic violence, and an autoimmune disease lead to shame, pain, and depression #Yogasavedmylife

For years I lived in chronic pain, migraines, muscle, joints, & back pain. On a pain scale from 1-10 I was somewhere between 11 or 12 for 90% of the time. Between moving, taking care of the family, and the wait for referrals to be approved, I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune “disease" . . The meds side effects did more harm than good, so I elected not to take any. The pain & suffering in silence lead to depression. I had always known that exercise was good for both your physical & mental health so I would try to work out. Some days I would feel like a million dollar after a workout, & others I would feel like I was a million years old . . Then I stumbled across some research that explained the benefits of yoga and that it was great for autoimmune disease and to find a place for peace. In April 2017, I took a free yoga class at the local library. I loved the way I felt afterwards. My mind was clear and my body felt free. This bliss lasted a few days then life happened, I got busy & I got sick . . In March 2018, I decided that I had to get serious about my health. I started learning about reversing autoimmune diseases, chakra balancing, energy healing, & different yoga practices. I found a yoga class to attend at least once a week & I practice at home at least 30 minutes every day with 10 minutes of meditation . . My entire life has drastically changed. I have not had any bodily pain with only one headache. I am physically stronger than I have been in years. I have forgiven myself. I have forgiven my past abusers . . I have let go of things I did not realize I was still holding on to from the past. Most importantly, I have a newfound love and appreciation for myself, my body, and my life ❤ . . I am genuinely happy and at peace with my life. Because of that, the people in my life are also at peace with life. Everything around me is just better; my life, my health, my family, my marriage, .my home, my focus, my gratitude… EVERYTHING


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