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Meet @neethuchandra_ sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. These are her words 💚

"​How has yoga saved my life? It all began with me questioning 'should I choose life or death?"

"When I think about the impact yoga has had on me, two major things come to mind: my mentalhealth & an accepting community. To me, yoga is both a practice & a process


I have led a fairly active life but a lack of energy to wade through situations in life bothered me. I looked for wholeness externally. Years of failing mental health, therapists & doctors, prescription drugs etc added to this turmoil. When I reached a point that nothing outside could fix this, I lost all hope. Call it grace, the worst didn’t happen & Yoga found me through a practice called inner-engineering


There was no stopping after that. After a few months of regular practice, things started changing drastically : I could manage my emotions better, my mental health improved in leaps & bounds. I gained a fundamental strength in my body which I lacked in my younger days. I started surrendering to the practice & let these practices work on me systematically, like a surgery which has been pending for too long


My diet changed, I quit all that was excessive in my life. Everything happened organically. I walked away from whatever was not serving the process of cleansing. As this happened, I was changing, & my life was changing. There was a new found energy


I found a community which was more accepting of me, inclusive & loving but not at all entangling. I found a place in a space with fewer prejudices & stereotypes. I could be myself & yet grow into something more. A place in my heart started expanding...

I started experiencing a connection with life. A new dimension of shakti opened within me. It is then, that yoga became a process in my experience, very much alive & brimming with possibilities 🙏


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