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"The grief and darkness I’ve walked through are difficult for me to share"

This is yoga teacher @janelle_yoga sharing her #yogasavedmylife story with us. We are grateful beyond words to Janelle - and all the others like her who have already shared - willing to show such courage, truth & love in the hope that their words might inspire others. These are her words ❤ "I look back and don’t recognize the person I was in 2010. I was 8 months pregnant with my son. A relaxing day at the pool turned into chaos when my eyes started seeing large spots and a searing pain shot up my sternum. By the time we reached the hospital my major organs were shutting down and I had 10% sight. I went into HELLP syndrome. I was screaming to save my baby while the doctors raced around yelling “we’re losing her!” Then I blacked out and felt my soul leave my body. The light. By miracle we both made it. I spent 10 days in ICU and met my premature baby boy on the 3rd day. . The recovery was long. Physically I was sent to every specialist there is - mentally I had PTSD, depression and anxiety. I got pregnant again in 2011. I’ve been asked “why?!?!?” So many times. My answer is look into my baby girls eyes or watch my children play then ask me that again. The pregnancy with her was the opposite. Healthy. . After a few months from the delivery I started having complications with my body. I tried so many medications for years until told I had to have a full hysterectomy at 34yrs old. More depression, more anxiety. It was rocky for a year after with hormones. I turned to my YOGA practice 🙏 I needed to feel safe in my skin, whole and centered. It took years of facing the darkest corners of my conscious and subconscious to be able to turn the page so all of it was a part of me not ruled me. I worked hard on myself in all aspects. Asked for help when I needed it. . Now I dedicate my life to helping and healing others. It’s from those experiences I can write, teach and am truly grateful for life itself. I find blessings in everyday and just being here to write this is a huge one. Many Blessings- Janelle ❤️"


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